Stavros History

Stavros History

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In 1923 the expulsion of the Greeks of Asia Minor forced 400 families from Katirli Bithynia to leave their beautiful home country and settle as refugees mostly in two regions of Greece, according to the parish they belonged.

The parishioners of St. Paraskevi reached Stavros and founded the settlement ”Stavros Beach“, while the parishioners of St. John in Thessaloniki , the current Municipality of Kalamaria, founded the “New Katirli .” Shortly afterwards some families from Madytos Bursa were added to the 300 families from Katirli in Stavros settlement.

The settlement of refugees along with the native inhabitants of Stavros and Vrasna were a single administrative entity for years. The diversity of characteristics of the people, however, and the distance between the settlements, led to the separation of Vrasna initially, and then Stavros. In 1931 the final separation took place and the locals of the old settlement renamed it Ano (Upper) Stavros, while the refugees retained the name Stavros.

Today Stavros is the center of Rendina municipality. The former refugee settlement has been developed into a holiday center with modern tourist facilities and natural beauty. The combination of mountain and sea meets the varying needs of tourism.